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Tattoo Facility Inspections/Regulations

The Environmental Health staff are responsible for conducting sanitation inspections in tattoo establishments in Newton County. Tattoo establishments are inspected unannounced at least twice a year and pay an annual license fee.

These inspections are conducted pursuant to the Newton County Health Department Tattoo Parlor Ordinance.

Types of Inspections:

  • Routine inspection:  The inspector conducts an inspection covering all items in the regulations for compliance with the Newton County Health Department Tattoo Parlor Ordinance.

  • Follow up inspection:  The is an inspection for the specific purpose of re-inspecting items not in compliance at the time of the routine inspection.

  • Complaint inspection:  This is an inspection conducted as a result of a complaint received by the health department.  The specifics of the complaint are evaluated and discussed with the operator.

Issues addressed during inspections:

  • Tattoo establishments shall be state licensed

  • Establishments must follow all guidelines covering tattoo procedures, facility construction/cleanliness and sterilization/handling of equipment

  • Tattoo artists must wear surgical style latex gloves

  • General cleanliness of the facility and employees

  • Smoking/eating/drinking are not permitted in the tattoo areas

  • Proper disposal of single use items

  • Proper sterilization techniques and records

Tattoo establishment annual fees are $100. Tattoo establishment licenses are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.

Tattoo establishments are also regulated and inspected by the Office of Tattooing, Body Piercing and Branding.

Recent Tattoo Establishment Inspections

Facilities inside the city limits of Joplin are inspected by the Joplin City Health Department.

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